SIRIUS presents at Guest Speaker Evening


Asher Haynes presenting at Middlesbrough Erimus Rotary Club.

Asher Haynes a geologist employed by SIRIUS gave a presentation to Middlesbrough Erimus Rotary Club on the new Polyhalite mine being constructed below the North Yorkshire Moors. Asher was one of the first students sponsored by SIRIUS during his geology degree at Durham University and has been one of the full time geology team since graduating three years ago . Asher gave an excellent presentation explaining the geology of the area which resulted in the poyhalite seam being laid down due to evaporation of the sea over millions of years creating a seam up to 75 meters deep extending out across the North Sea. He also explained the plans to help local communities and the National Park.
When the mine is fully operational it will employ 1000 people on site and 1500 additional jobs locally and produce 20 million tonnes of Polyhalite every year. This is a world beating product which will help fertilise poor land and has already achieved orders from China and Brazil.