Middlesbrough Erimus Rotary Club visit Shildon Railway Museum

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On Tuesday 17th October 6 members of our Rotary club including our President David Jackson had a conducted tour of the Shildon Railway Museum ( a branch of the National Railway Museum of York ) which was very interesting . Among the exhibits was the original Sans Peril which was built in 1879 to compete in the Rainhill trials , although more powerful it proved not to have the speed of Stephenson’s Rocket. Other exhibits included an express locomotive from 1893 and a special engine built to a design for use in the second world war . Another display featured the APT ( Advanced Passenger Train ) tilting train developed in the 1970’s which recorded speeds of 153 mph but was eventually mothballed . The star of the museum was the engine Winston Churchill and the baggage van that carried his coffin which had been completely restored at the Shildon workshops . Members enjoyed the visit and thanked the tour guide .