Robotic Surgery . Current practice and the future

The picture shows Bhavan on the left of President David Jackson and in conversation with Geoff Taylor

Bhavan Prasad Rai, Consultant Urologist and Robotics Surgeon at James Cook University Hospital gave an excellent presentation to members of Middlesbrough Erimus Rotary Club on robotic surgery current and future. The ability to perform precision surgery using robotic surgery with small incisions allows the patient to recover rapidly from the surgery and often allows return home within 1 to 2 days. James Cook University Hospital are one of two leaders in the field in the UK . Bhavan is a Senior Fellow in Robotic Surgery and has studied in Scotland, Germany and London prior to his appointment on Teesside. His enthusiastic presentation showed how surgery is assisted by extensive training of the team, use of dyes to highlight areas for surgical intervention and precision surgery to save the surrounding structures such as the nerves which transmit body functions ensuring a healthy future for the patient. The future will see further reduction in equipment size and a reduction in robotic arms on the machine from 4 to 1. But it must be remembered that this machine is only an aid to the surgeon. Mike Overy thanked Bhavan for an excellent presentation.