R C Davison memorial childrens home, Danby 1915 to 1984

Colin and Heather Mather gave an excellent presentation to Middlesbrough Erimus Rotary Club on the history of the R C Davison memorial children’s home. The Davison Children’s Home in Danby offered respite care to 16,000 needy children, mostly from Middlesbrough, between 1915 and 1984.
Many children with disabilities such as rickets and polio were sent to the home by train from Middlesbrough. The children were put in a rail carriage, unaccompanied, and locked in until the train reached Danby! Many thought they were in a different country and many were scared after the trip but thoroughly enjoyed their time there. Normally a child would spend two weeks at the home. In the early 1900’s a support network was set up to develop the home by a number of philanthropists with qualities of giving, kindness and service to others. The home was highly successful until its closure in 1984. Colin and Heather then purchased the property and made it into their home. They then did detailed research on the history of the home and published a book to celebrate the success of the home over seven decades.