Tetley Tea top of the world

The photo shows Denise, during the presentation, describing tea plants.
Denise Graham, part of the senior management teal at the Tetley factory in Eaglescliffe which is the biggest tea factory in the world making 350 million tea bags every week. Denise travels the world inspecting other tea factories owned by Tata and has wide ranging responsibilities in the group including health and safety, energy , technical and legal compliance.
Denise explained the complexity of tea blending with 800 tea types used in making black, green red fruit and many other teas. The role of shift tea tasters was explained and the tasters are critical to ensuring consistency of taste day after day. The product is supplied to over 60 countries worldwide . The cartoon “Tea Folk” since coming back are very popular and get many letters every week. Tata the international owners say that this factory is the jewel in the crown and has major initiatives in energy management , community support and employee welfare. The factory logo is Perfect Execution and Denise perfectly executed the presentation to members of Middlesbrough Erimus Rotary Club.