International weekend

  • Vintage Bus to Whitby
  • On the bus with our friends from Germany, Holland and Poland
  • International Business meeting
  • Staithes en route home
  • Nick Walton putting for England and the triumphant Dutch team

Farewell on Sunday

  • Visitors from Rotary clubs in Holland, Germany and Poland attended the events in Middlesbrough over the weekend . On Friday there was an evening reception,  Saturday started with a vintage bus ride to Whitby and Staithes then a dinner in the evening at the Treebridge hotel followed by the International putting competition .Visitors were taken to the Transporter Bridge and shown some of the Industrial landscape The  business meeting of the clubs agreed to donate a total of €4000 to a project in Tanzania.
    Every year the weekend is hosted by one of the clubs and that club decides which charity will receive the €4000.
  • The Maserani Project ( is a unique ‘home grown’ charity, inspired by the pupils, staff and parents of Acklam Grange School in Middlesbrough, in the Meserani area of Tanzania. This is an area of East Africa where secondary and further education is not easily accessible to the young people of the region due to extreme poverty and family circumstances.
    Middlesbrough Erimus Rotary Club have long been associated with this project, mainly by sponsoring children into, and through, secondary education. We are now teaming up with our sister clubs from Groningen in Holland, Limburg in Germany and Inweroclaw in Poland, by providing €4000 for the provision of water harvesting systems, as there is no piped water in the region, thus allowing adequate amounts of water to be collected and stored in the rainy season. Additionally solar power systems will now be installed, giving pupils the opportunity to engage in private study each evening, as there is no electricity supply to the area.
    The project uses volunteers from the UK to work with local craftsmen and is overseen by a recently retired teacher from Acklam Grange, Peter Swan and his wife Diane.